My Bali Bootcamp is back in 2019! Just imagine training in Bali with a beautiful sunset as our backdrop! Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone, my Bootcamps are for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels… one gets left behind.

We’ll focus on the mind as well as the body and I’ll help you to get over your mental challenges as well as your physical ones.

I’m excited to announced the dates for the JUNE 2019 Bootcamp!

2019 Bootcamp’s

Sunday 16 June 2019 – Saturday 22 June 2019

Package Includes

  • Accommodation
  • Meals (breakfast & dinner)
  • Airport Transfers
  • Training and Educational Lessons


It took me 18 months from my initial enquiry until the time I started Shannan’s Bali Bootcamp. I went over to Bali extremely nervous and anxious about my current fitness level and weather I could keep up! After the camp I cannot even find the right words to describe how life changing it has been for me. Every workout was a challenge and for everyone no matter their fitness level, I would start out thinking ‘no way can I do this’ and then finish thinking ‘I cannot believe I just did that.’ I was surprised at how much I loved the morning and evening health topic talks, Shannan has a way of completely engaging everyone he is speaking to and the knowledge I got from those sessions will be something that I will use for the rest of my life. I am now 6 weeks back from Bali and have lost 7.3kg but more important I feel completely relaxed about losing weight and living a joyful at the same time. Shannan has a real love and passion for living life and it is infectious! I not only gained so much in regards to my health and weight loss but have learnt to relax and enjoy life so much more! Thank you so much x


Don’t just think about it – do it! You will not regret a minute of the experience but you will regret not giving it a go.  I am feeling the happiest and on my way to being healthiest I have been in years – and so much changed as a result of just a few days spent in an idyllic setting with a group of people who turned out to be just what I needed.


Shannan’s Bootcamp was life changing for me. Prior to going I had no clear direction and I was in a bad place. Not only did i learn about self-motivation, but I found the strength to dig deep and keep striving for my goals. I meet amazing people and found my down time meaningful. I made some great business decisions moving forward. I will take the experience with me at all times.


As a health & fitness professional with only 7 years experience in the industry it was very beneficial to experience the way Shannan goes about training, motivating and educating clients. From a fellow trainers perspective it was invaluable to learn so many tips which I’ve now incorporated into my clients training. From a participants perspective it was invaluable to train as hard as we did and learn so much about our own personal motivations.


For anyone that has any doubts of their ability to do this be reassured that you are given the power to believe in yourself.


Shannan I came here to support my wife through some bad times but have taken so much from this experience for myself. I have done things this week that I have never done in a my life. I also now understand the work/life balance better.

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