How to stay motivated in winter

May 28, 2015 | By Shannan Ponton

I know just as well as anyone that when the winter weather hits and the chill enters the air, it becomes harder to get out of bed, or go via the gym in the afternoon and fit in that workout!

The warmth under the covers, and cosy couch awaiting us can seem much more appealing at times. However, don’t let the cool weather fool you because warmer months are ahead. Remember the benefits you get when you exercise. You don’t just look great, you feel great! It’s that feeling I get from exercise that keeps me going and I hope that motivates you too.

Working out with your mates and feeling that adrenaline rush really can’t be beaten. Inside my local Anytime Fitness gym it’s warm and once you get there I promise you’ll be glad.

Here are my tips to help you stay motivated when the cooler weather hits!

  1. Don’t let your weight fluctuate during winter – a lot of people think: “I’ll cover it up and fix the damage in summer.” Keep yourself accountable during the cooler months because the damage always takes FAR longer to undo than you expect.
  2. In winter find excuses to train. There’s always going to be a windy, rainy, cold morning so join your local gym and head somewhere out of the cold where you’re comfortable. I train at Manly Anytime Fitness because it’s clean, has modern equipment, friendly staff,  it’s always at the right temperature and 24 hr, 7 day / week access guarantees ‘there’s no excuse to miss training’.
  3. Along with more hard core workouts at ATF I love taking a Power Living Yoga Class. The room is heated to about 30 degrees and while I’m training and strengthening my body my mind escapes to a tropical paradise anywhere around the world.
  4. Make sure you dress appropriately. Don’t go running outside in a singlet and shorts because you’ll be uncomfortable and possibly pull a muscle too. Get some good running tights and layer up and then as you heat up, layer down. Master your environment. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of cold….It’s not an excuse!
  5. Do something fun, train with a mate. Challenge each other on the rower, cross trainer or an interactive spin bike it will help you forget the winter blues and put a smile on your face.  Emerge yourself into the passion and energy of your training, throw yourself whole heartedly into the experience. I guarantee you’ll come out revitalised.
  6. Team sports provide company and laughter, too. Being part of a team is a top motivator. Rain, hail or bitterly cold, ‘who wants to let the rest of the team down’? Try touch football, indoor soccer, indoor netball, indoor volleyball or a good old fashioned hit out of squash! It’s coming back!
  7. Don’t be tempted by calorie laden, ‘cuddles from the inside’ throughout winter. There are heaps of satisfying healthy options available to you. Hearty Stew’s made with fresh veggies and lean meat, stir frys and caserols. Break out the slow cooker for a super nutritious, cheap meal for the whole family.
  8. Brighten up your habitat. Surround yourself with positivity, hang happy photos and motivational mantras around your walls or mirrors to lighten up the room. If your surroundings are upbeat, even on a dreary day you’ll feel energized and motivated.